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I’m a watercolour artist and designer based in the countryside of Somerset, UK. From my studio nestled among green fields and rolling hills, I create vibrant, beautiful images that have found extensive use in food packaging, book and magazine publishing, gift and stationery ranges, and much more! ​


My works are primarily crafted using watercolour, gouache, and ink. Employing a contemporary palette, my work carries a touch of impressionism as I coax colours to blend into the paper in just the right measure. Focusing intensely on intricate details not only brings authenticity but also elevates each creation, making the portrayal of complex foods irresistibly lifelike, tantalising, and visually exquisite. ​


I take on commissions from various clients, spanning magazines, packaging, and greeting cards. My work caters to both commercial and private clientele. Additionally, I derive great pleasure from handling private commissions, such as bespoke logo designs, floral paintings, and illustrations for wedding cakes.

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